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Friday, July 08, 2005

As above so below

As above so below

On a day like today… after yesterday, I tend to reflect, internalize, and re-address the balance.

I also like to read other Blogs and take my mind off of things.

I popped over to Peter’s at
dot.bench as he often has a humorous story to tell and he didn’t let me down ‘Like A Greyhound Bus With Wings’ had me smiling the whole way through.

Peter has also been following Rob Brezsny’s ‘
Free Will Astrology’ for a while and I have been checking in once a week to see what Rob has to say.

I just have to say that I’ve never been one for pure sun sign astrology simply because I have studied astrology and know that sun sign astrology alone is only 10% of the story. However I do find Rob’s weekly horoscopes interesting and what he has to say does make me reflect. I make sure to read both my sun sign and my ascendant, cancer and leo respectively.

So it would be interesting to see what you guys think, does Rob make sun sense for you?

Cancer June 21-July 22

For week beginning July 7, 2005

One of your lifelong projects is to learn the art of keeping proper boundaries. That doesn't always come easy for you. In your subconscious mind you're often thinking, "I can't figure out where I leave off and everyone else begins." Having sounded this warning, though, I'll now advise you to completely surrender to the urge to merge, at least temporarily. Blend, connect, and commune with abandon. Write this declaration by sculptor Malvina Hoffman on your arm: "My true center is an enormous capacity for falling in love with everything around me."

© 1995-2005, Rob Brezsny. All rights reserved.

posted by Opus at 12:55

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