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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Start me up

Generally speaking is it accurate to say that men are more visual than women?

Popular culture would have us believe that when it comes to sex women are all about feelings and emotions, and men are all about urges and desires, and desire my friend’s starts with the eyes.

Personally I think they’ve got it all wrong, I would say women are as visual as men when it comes to sex, I know I certainly respond to, need, and love visual stimulation. Of course in simplistic terms it is my mind that is being stimulated by what is sees, or hears.

Over the years this topic has come up in conversation with many girlfriends, are men more visual and the response has been a resounding no, and from what I can gather – from my years of extensive research of course – women are suffering from lack of visual stimulation.

Now I’m not suggesting you should rush off and buy your wife/girlfriend a top shelf girlie magazine or arrange a quiet night in with a selection of porn, although… on occasion, no I digress.

What your wife/girlfriend wants is for you to offer your own personal brand of visual stimulation, get creative, mischievous, sensual, naughty, verbal, erotic, sexy. Once you put your mind to it there really is no limit to the imagination.

posted by Opus at 08:29

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