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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

No takeaway…

I read a recent post over at thegirl and noticed that Bathroom Reading had commented on it. This got me thinking so I thought I would share my thoughts on the issue.

I totally agree with
thegirl, all men look, they have since year dot and they will always do so.

Now I may be unusual on this but it doesn’t bother me, or to be more precise, if I’m out with my partner, no matter where it is; café or party, no matter how I’m dressed; casual or all dressed up, I’m not bothered by him checking out other women, as long as he checks me out more. So what I’m saying is as long as I get the lion’s share of attention I don’t mind if my partner checks other women out.

However I would add that this checking out should be done in a refined manner, but then I don’t (thank god) attract un-refined men so this has never been a problem.

I don’t view this behaviour as derogatory or disrespectful in any way, I too check out beautiful women for different reasons of course, but I can appreciate and understand why men feel compelled to do this.

All things being equal I check other men out when I’m with my partner, but I always make sure to lavish the most attention on my guy.

As the saying goes, it’s okay to check out the menu, so long as you always eat at home.

posted by Opus at 16:05

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