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Friday, June 17, 2005

It’s all about personality

I’ve been meaning to flesh out a previous post for some time, but being an ENFP my blogging is often inconsistent, ah well.

I found
this article interesting because being a feeling perceiving type I often pick up on the undercurrents of people’s personalities.

Or rather…

When people are dating, during the first few weeks or even months, (sometimes years), their true personalities don’t surface, because of course they want to make a good impression, this is only normal. I’m not saying that we all go around lying and pretending to be something we are not (well some do, but this is a different topic). It’s just that our true colours take a while to show through.

But this is different for me; I’m very perceptive and just have a way of picking up on what’s not being said and reading between the lines, tone of voice, body language etc.

When I went in to the head hunting industry these natural skills were honed. When deciding whether or not to put a candidate forward their personality was always a more important consideration than their CV, I had to feel certain that their personality would fit with the company’s personality/culture, and typically I would only ever meet the candidate twice for a max of two hours. I was a natural at this and therefore found it very rewarding.

When it comes to personal relationships I can’t help but use these skills to my advantage, and I do believe that for a relationship to have real potential, having similar personalities – in the long term - really helps smooth the way.

It’s nice if a partner shares some of the same values, but it’s also nice for a partner to have different values, having different values shouldn’t really cause friction. But in my opinion when it comes to making days-to-day decisions, having similar personalities makes life that much easier.

posted by Opus at 13:50

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