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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Words, words, words.

My lack of blogging has been appalling I know, but with good reason.

I’m getting creative... again

I’ve always loved writing and when I was at school many moons ago, I was lucky enough to have an English teacher who encouraged me. During class she would let me sit at the back and write a short story and at the end of the class I’d hand it in and she would review it for me.

I was around twelve years old, my imagination was endless, and I kept coming up with a new short story each week.

After a year or so the teacher suggested that I start to enter writing competitions... and then... boys came along, I stopped writing and started getting creative in other ways. Yes, I started young, but I don’t regret a thing.

Then when I was sixteen I went out with a guy who played the guitar and he taught me about lyric writing and song composition, I must have written at least fifty songs within the space of 5 months.

I still have a passion for lyrics and music and love artists such as Jill Scott who effortlessly blend poetry and music, but short stories and poetry are my forte, not music.

In my twenties I knuckled down to a 3 year degree in creative writing and publishing at Middlesex University, and have done nothing with it.

So with my 38th birthday coming up (actually tomorrow), I decided that my creativity should not be left to run idle any longer, hence my lack of blogging. What with work, keep fit, socialising, and writing, my days are pretty much taken care of.

I’m not quitting my blog, no, no, no. I’ve simply decided to get back in to creative writing and to see where it takes me.

At some point, I might start a creative writing blog.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Turn me off baby

For women, it seems, sex is a big turn-off, reveals a brain scanning study. It shows that many areas of the brain switch off during the female orgasm - including those involved with emotion.

“At the moment of orgasm, women do not have any emotional feelings,” says Gert Holstege of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

His team recruited 13 healthy heterosexual women and their partners. The women were asked to lie with their heads in a PET scanner while the team compared their brain activity in four states: simply resting, faking an orgasm, having their clitoris stimulated by their partner’s fingers, and clitoral stimulation to the point of orgasm.

The results of the study are striking. As the women were stimulated, activity rose in one sensory part of the brain, called the primary somatosensory cortex, but fell in the amygdala and hippocampus, areas involved in alertness and anxiety. During orgasm, activity fell in many more areas of the brain, including the prefrontal cortex, compared with the resting state, Holstege told a meeting of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Development in Copenhagen on Monday.

In one sense the findings appear to confirm what is already known, that women cannot enjoy sex unless they are relaxed and free from worries and distractions. "Fear and anxiety levels have to go down for orgasm. Everyone knows this but we can see it happening in the brain," he explains.

From an evolutionary point of view, it could be that the brain switches off the emotions during sex because at such times the chance to produce offspring becomes more important than the survival risk to the individual. Holstege points to the extraordinary behaviour seen in some animals during the breeding season, such as March hares, when the urge to mate seems to override the usual fear of predators.

But Holstege cannot explain why there is such extreme deactivation in so many areas of the brain during orgasm. Only one small part of the brain, in the cerebellum, was more active during female orgasm. The cerebellum is normally associated with coordinating movement, though there is also some evidence that it helps regulate emotions. “We don’t know what activation of the cerebellum corresponds to,” Holstege admits.

His study also revealed clear differences when women were faking an orgasm. Part of the brain involved controlling conscious movement lit up, and there was none of the extreme deactivation. Next the team hope to look at what happens to the brain in the minutes after orgasm, as well as in patients with sexual problems.

The team has already done a similar study involving 11 men, which revealed far less deactivation during orgasm than in women. However, Holstege says the results are probably unreliable and need to be repeated. The problem is that PET scanners measure activity over two minutes - and in men it is all over in a few seconds.

Source: New Scientist

So you see guys it really is quite simple, if you want us to be less emotional, you know what you got to do…

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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Get naked in public!

As part of her post yesterday Pink posed a question - White bits - sexy, or no?

Personally I’m not a fan of white bits, and in my case its lighter brown bits, which I think looks particularly unattractive.

Also being a complete sun whore I love to feel completely sun kissed, there’s nothing like it… well apart from the obvious.

So if it stays this hot I think I’m going to make the trek up to
Kenwood Ladies Pond and get naked. Well you’re not supposed to get full on naked, topless is fine, but most of the women do get their bottoms off, and just put them back on for swimming.

The pond is enclosed and the rule is no girls under the age of 8 and girls under the age of 14 have to be accompanied by an adult – female of course, don’t think you can sneak in this way guys.

Whenever I’ve been I haven’t noticed many young girls at all mainly women, so it’s blissful and quiet (no music allowed, but personal MP3 player keeps me happy).

The facilities are not 5 star but there are showers, toilets, a life guard, and the pond is so deliciously refreshing.

It used to be a free facility but now there is a
£2.00 charge for the day. Kenwood ladies pond is located just off of Millfield Lane.

Get a girlie group together, take a picnic and get there before noon to secure a good spot. And remember – practice safe sun.

P.S. Forgot to mention. On the way to Kenwood ladies pond as you walk up Millfield Lane, you’ll go past Highgate Mens Pond which is not enclosed. Okay so it’s about 95% gay, but hey they have some seriously fit bodies to ogle and they know how to flaunt it too.

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Monday, June 20, 2005

Itsy bitsy

Now this is what I call summer, given half a chance I would be a complete sun whore, it’s in my blood, after all, my dad does comes from Trinidad. I know one day I’ll move to a hot climate.

So this weekend I decided it was officially hot enough to get my kit off.

The only problem was I couldn’t find my bikini bottoms, I had the entire contents of my drawers strewn across my bed, but they were no where.

I was determined to get out in the sun so what’s a girl to do, I didn’t want to go shopping on such a hot day.

Knickers I thought, I’ll just have to wear some knickers, black knickers should be fine.

The next thing I noticed was that all my high-leg briefs were in the wash, I only had black thongs left to wear.

Well I had to reason with myself. I thought, if I were in France, Spain, or any other European country no one would bat an eyelid (well most wouldn’t).

So I went for it, and I’m glad I did, because I had absolutely nothing to worry about, a lot of the other sunbathers were foreign.

At one point a French couple walked past and sat down not too far away, I heard the guy say to the girl something like. “But that girl over there has a thong on, so go on baby wear yours.”

There I was liberating a French girl to get her cheeks out.

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Friday, June 17, 2005

It’s all about personality

I’ve been meaning to flesh out a previous post for some time, but being an ENFP my blogging is often inconsistent, ah well.

I found
this article interesting because being a feeling perceiving type I often pick up on the undercurrents of people’s personalities.

Or rather…

When people are dating, during the first few weeks or even months, (sometimes years), their true personalities don’t surface, because of course they want to make a good impression, this is only normal. I’m not saying that we all go around lying and pretending to be something we are not (well some do, but this is a different topic). It’s just that our true colours take a while to show through.

But this is different for me; I’m very perceptive and just have a way of picking up on what’s not being said and reading between the lines, tone of voice, body language etc.

When I went in to the head hunting industry these natural skills were honed. When deciding whether or not to put a candidate forward their personality was always a more important consideration than their CV, I had to feel certain that their personality would fit with the company’s personality/culture, and typically I would only ever meet the candidate twice for a max of two hours. I was a natural at this and therefore found it very rewarding.

When it comes to personal relationships I can’t help but use these skills to my advantage, and I do believe that for a relationship to have real potential, having similar personalities – in the long term - really helps smooth the way.

It’s nice if a partner shares some of the same values, but it’s also nice for a partner to have different values, having different values shouldn’t really cause friction. But in my opinion when it comes to making days-to-day decisions, having similar personalities makes life that much easier.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005


A Serbian man who has invented a sex machine for women is appealing to western women to test his device.

Nesa Proka, from the central town of Krusevac, made the appeal after failing to find any willing Serbian women. He has taken out a patent on what he says is the “ultimate sex aid” for lonely women after spending three years working on it. The machine, which runs on a 390-volt electric engine, simulates sex and has a seven and a half inch artificial ‘penis’. He said: “My sex machine has an artificial penis hat can make up to 180 moves in a minute. A man can only manage that intensity of movement for about five seconds but the machine can do it for as long as the woman wants.

“And it comes with a set of controls to fully regulate the speed and intensity a woman for individual sex.” But Proka said he would have to market it in the west because he had not been able to find any Serbian woman to test it out. “Western women are more liberal. I couldn’t find a woman here to try the sex machine,” he told local daily Glas Javnosti.

But he did admit that some local women were curious about his invention and a few had come into his garage where he keeps it locked away just to look at it. One reportedly told the newspaper: “If I had a machine like that at home I would never go outside the front door.”


Quite possibly because after a 20 minute session she wouldn’t be able to walk.

I certainly won’t be queuing to test it, I mean does this guy really think any woman wants a sex machine like this? Me thinks he’s been watching way too much porn.

Dear Nesa,

We have the ‘Rabbit’, the rabbit satisfies both G-Spot orgasm and Clitoral orgasm. Put G & C together and what do you get… Gorgeous Climax. Oh and btw, the ‘Rabbit’ doesn’t thrust at all, not one bit. It doesn’t need to make up to 180 moves in a minute. It rotates, and in doing so massages the G-Spot in a mmmmmmm kinda way.

As a suggestion, perhaps you might want to modify your sex machine and sell it as a drilling device. You never know, you may hit oil.

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Nipple erectus

Bliss, I love it when its likes this, but every time warm sunny weather comes around I get all self-conscious.

You see I believe I have a condition which I call nipple erectus, my nipples are practically always erect, the only time I’ve noticed them not being erect is first thing in the morning, even when I’m working out at the gym they’re erect.

It doesn’t really seem to matter what I wear, bra, no bra, shirt, t-shirt, they are just there. So unless I wear a jacket or something which is not very practical in hot weather, I’m constantly exposed so to speak.

Now I don’t actually have a problem with this, but I have to say that after a while I do start feeling self-conscious when guys just stare at my tits, or more precisely my nipples. And I know what they’re probably thinking… she must be horny, well I do have a healthy libido but I can’t be horny ALL the time.

So guys, spare a thought, next time you're out and about and you notice a girl with erect nipples, try not to part your lips slightly and readjust your manhood, have a good look just the once and be done with it.

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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Start me up

Generally speaking is it accurate to say that men are more visual than women?

Popular culture would have us believe that when it comes to sex women are all about feelings and emotions, and men are all about urges and desires, and desire my friend’s starts with the eyes.

Personally I think they’ve got it all wrong, I would say women are as visual as men when it comes to sex, I know I certainly respond to, need, and love visual stimulation. Of course in simplistic terms it is my mind that is being stimulated by what is sees, or hears.

Over the years this topic has come up in conversation with many girlfriends, are men more visual and the response has been a resounding no, and from what I can gather – from my years of extensive research of course – women are suffering from lack of visual stimulation.

Now I’m not suggesting you should rush off and buy your wife/girlfriend a top shelf girlie magazine or arrange a quiet night in with a selection of porn, although… on occasion, no I digress.

What your wife/girlfriend wants is for you to offer your own personal brand of visual stimulation, get creative, mischievous, sensual, naughty, verbal, erotic, sexy. Once you put your mind to it there really is no limit to the imagination.

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Booty call!

BERLIN: German police, alerted to a potential kidnapping, "freed" a man from a car boot only to discover the would-be victim was actually a willing sex slave.

Police stopped the car after a concerned caller told them he had seen a woman locking someone in the boot. However, on opening it, they were greeted by the sight of the 39-year-old man wearing nothing but a leather thong and a collar.

"It turned out they were a couple from the S&M scene. The 'mistress' was driving, with the slave in the boot," said a police spokesman in the southern town of Bayreuth.

Deciding the rear of the car was not safe for the man, officers told him to sit inside the car and sent the pair on their way.

Source: Reuters

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

No takeaway…

I read a recent post over at thegirl and noticed that Bathroom Reading had commented on it. This got me thinking so I thought I would share my thoughts on the issue.

I totally agree with
thegirl, all men look, they have since year dot and they will always do so.

Now I may be unusual on this but it doesn’t bother me, or to be more precise, if I’m out with my partner, no matter where it is; café or party, no matter how I’m dressed; casual or all dressed up, I’m not bothered by him checking out other women, as long as he checks me out more. So what I’m saying is as long as I get the lion’s share of attention I don’t mind if my partner checks other women out.

However I would add that this checking out should be done in a refined manner, but then I don’t (thank god) attract un-refined men so this has never been a problem.

I don’t view this behaviour as derogatory or disrespectful in any way, I too check out beautiful women for different reasons of course, but I can appreciate and understand why men feel compelled to do this.

All things being equal I check other men out when I’m with my partner, but I always make sure to lavish the most attention on my guy.

As the saying goes, it’s okay to check out the menu, so long as you always eat at home.

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