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Friday, May 27, 2005

The way of the kiss

This is so true.

The first kiss is always the deciding factor for me on whether or not I’m going to get intimate with a guy. I love kissing and unfortunately too many guys don’t get it right. Seriously a guy can have a wonderful personality, but if he can’t kiss, intimate is not going to happen.

I truly think if a guy wants to get some guidance on this he should go get some good girl on girl porn to watch. Guys love watching girls kissing and with good reason, girls understand what a kiss can do done the right way.

But in the meantime, if you’re out on a date, here’s some guidance for that first kiss.

A good kiss should start off feather light and slow, teasing the object of your desire with your breath and your tongue. Tongue should gently dance with tongue. Lips should be sucked, licked, and teeth should gently nibble or bite. Keep the tempo and pressure varied. Coupled with all the licking, sucking, and nibbling, make sure there’s lots of tongue dancing.

You’re fully clothed (remember this is a kiss, you’re not naked), but touch is so important, so hands should be used to caress the face, neck, and fingers should run through hair.

The more senses that come in to play the better, so try opening your eyes intermittently.

Kissing is indeed an intricate dance, and to do it well men have to be in touch and comfortable with their feminine side.

What not to do:

  • Make it a quick kiss
  • Have too much saliva
  • Poke your tongue down her mouth trying to inspect her tonsils (your tongue should only ever go in a little, not the whole way).
  • Poke your tongue round her teeth checking for food
  • Press down on her mouth too hard with your mouth or your tongue
  • Stick your tongue in her mouth in such a manner that she is unable to use her tongue to kiss you back i.e. do not suffocate her
  • Let you hands dangle by your side
  • Allow your hands to wander to her breasts or her buttocks (unless she guides your hands to either of these places).

posted by Opus at 14:23

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