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Monday, May 16, 2005

Old habits...

I’m such a habitual creature, is it just me? I don’t even like routine, but throughout the course of one day, I can count at least ten things that I do everyday in more or less the same way.

  1. the way I turn my alarm off in the morning
  2. the way I get out of bed on the left side
  3. the way I brush my teeth
  4. the order of body parts washing in the shower (go on try this yourself, I bet you start with the same part each day and work your way down or up)
  5. the way I dry my body after showering
  6. the way I rub moisturiser on to my face/body ( again the order in which I do this)
  7. the way I answer the telephone, what I say, tone of voice
  8. the way I chop/slice vegetables
  9. the way I read the newspaper, which sections I go to first
  10. the way I get in to bed - when I’m alone ;-) (Because of course when I’m not alone I don’t get in to bed!
And this is just the stuff that I do at home; I expect the list could grow to twenty if I included things I do outside the home.

posted by Opus at 18:46

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