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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Celebrity Love Island

Whatever next ‘Celebrity Divorce Island’! In fact this would no doubt be more interesting to watch.

But what I find amusing is:

1: a widely known person. [syn:
famous person]
2: the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed [syn:
fame, renown]

I certainly didn’t know all the contestants, and I most definitely wouldn’t put them all in the category of being widely known, honored, or acclaimed.

Perhaps we need a new definition for celebrity:

1: An opportunist
2: A former TV/Sports personality
3: A person who shags a famous person (and sells out to the tabloids)
4: A person who used to be famous
5: Offspring of a famous person
6: A posh fit lady model

7: Anyone with an agent who books for reality TV

Have to hand it to Abi though; reports claim she’s being paid £100k to flirt with all the boys.

‘Celebrity’ contestants:

Abi Titmuss
Calum Best
Du'aine Ladejo
Fran Cosgrove
Jayne Middlemiss
Jude Shekoni
Lady Isabella Hervey
Lee Sharpe
Liz McClarnon
Michael Greco
Paul Denan

posted by Opus at 11:39

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