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Friday, May 27, 2005

The way of the kiss

This is so true.

The first kiss is always the deciding factor for me on whether or not I’m going to get intimate with a guy. I love kissing and unfortunately too many guys don’t get it right. Seriously a guy can have a wonderful personality, but if he can’t kiss, intimate is not going to happen.

I truly think if a guy wants to get some guidance on this he should go get some good girl on girl porn to watch. Guys love watching girls kissing and with good reason, girls understand what a kiss can do done the right way.

But in the meantime, if you’re out on a date, here’s some guidance for that first kiss.

A good kiss should start off feather light and slow, teasing the object of your desire with your breath and your tongue. Tongue should gently dance with tongue. Lips should be sucked, licked, and teeth should gently nibble or bite. Keep the tempo and pressure varied. Coupled with all the licking, sucking, and nibbling, make sure there’s lots of tongue dancing.

You’re fully clothed (remember this is a kiss, you’re not naked), but touch is so important, so hands should be used to caress the face, neck, and fingers should run through hair.

The more senses that come in to play the better, so try opening your eyes intermittently.

Kissing is indeed an intricate dance, and to do it well men have to be in touch and comfortable with their feminine side.

What not to do:

  • Make it a quick kiss
  • Have too much saliva
  • Poke your tongue down her mouth trying to inspect her tonsils (your tongue should only ever go in a little, not the whole way).
  • Poke your tongue round her teeth checking for food
  • Press down on her mouth too hard with your mouth or your tongue
  • Stick your tongue in her mouth in such a manner that she is unable to use her tongue to kiss you back i.e. do not suffocate her
  • Let you hands dangle by your side
  • Allow your hands to wander to her breasts or her buttocks (unless she guides your hands to either of these places).

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Baby, let me be

ZURICH: A giant dominatrix teddy bear wearing a leather mask and brandishing hand-cuffs has been banned from a Zurich street display of man-sized model bears.harder!

While tourists pose for snaps next to a brightly-painted and benign array of models such as the "schoolteacher bear" and the "skier bear", "Baervers" – a pun on the German for perverse – has been deemed too steamy for the financial capital's streets.

"This bear is perverse, dominatrix and hardcore. We had to ban it because of the children," Beat Seeberger-Quin, the project's art director, told Reuters.

The offending bear, which sports bright red lipstick, a corset and thigh-length leather boots, stands atop a pedestal bearing the words "first class service".

Some 600 teddies, variously decorated by artists, stud the streets of Zurich and its airport in the "Teddy-Summer" project.

The controversial model had been allocated a place near Zurich's Paradeplatz, home to Switzerland's top banks such as Credit Suisse and UBS, before Seeberger-Quin spotted the final design and decided to ban it.

The dominatrix bear's creators now seek a private home for their sadomasochist teddy. At least "Baervers" will not face the same hazards as his publicly-displayed peers, some of which have been vandalised or even kidnapped.

"Two or three of the bears have been splashed with paint, and one bear – a nice small bear wearing a little dress – has been stolen," Seeberger-Quin said.

Baby, let me be
Your lovin' teddy bear.
Put a chain around my your neck,
And lead me you anywhere.
Oh let me be
Your teddy bear.

Source: Reuters

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ordinary People

Okay, so I’m a hippie, a hippie with a passion for music, I can live with that.

Time for another Tuesday tune, or rather tunes, turn up the volume and enjoy.

Btw does anyone know if he’s playing in the UK soon, his current tour doesn’t stop off here.

John Legend

"Used To Love U"
Windows Media / Real Audio / QuickTime

"Ordinary People”
Windows Media / Real Audio / QuickTime

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Monday, May 23, 2005

Cool man

You are 28% Rational, 100% Extroverted, 28% Brutal, and 28% Arrogant.
You are the Hippie! Characterized by a strong sense of extroversion, irrationality, gentleness, and humility, you no doubt frolic through fields preaching peace and love to all! You are probably either very spiritual or needlessly paranoid about "the man", like most hippies, as a result of your focus on intuition and feelings over cold, brutal logic. You are also very, very social. And like any hippie, who would have no qualms about hitchiking across the country just to meet some interesting people, you too love to interact with others, even complete strangers. Because we know most any hippie is peace-loving and humble, it stands to reason that you, as well, are terribly gentle and humble, almost to the point of revulsion. Your carefree attitude of peace and harmony is probably very, very sickening to realists or cynics or anyone who isn't a hippie, to tell the truth. In short, your personality is defective because you are overly emotional, extroverted, gentle, and humble--thus making you an annoying hippie. And you listen to psychadelic rock and smoke a whole lot of pot. Okay, maybe not, but I wouldn't be surprised if you did.

To put it less negatively:

1. You are more INTUITIVE than rational.

2. You are more EXTROVERTED than introverted.

3. You are more GENTLE than brutal.

4. You are more HUMBLE than arrogant.


Your exact opposite is the Sociopath.

Other personalities you would probably get along with are the Hand-Raiser, the Televangelist, and the Robot.



If you scored near fifty percent for a certain trait (42%-58%), you could very well go either way. For example, someone with 42% Extroversion is slightly leaning towards being an introvert, but is close enough to being an extrovert to be classified that way as well. Below is a list of the other personality types so that you can determine which other possible categories you may fill if you scored near fifty percent for certain traits.

The other personality types:

The Emo Kid: Intuitive, Introverted, Gentle, Humble.

The Starving Artist: Intuitive, Introverted, Gentle, Arrogant.

The Bitch-Slap: Intuitive, Introverted, Brutal, Humble.

The Brute: Intuitive, Introverted, Brutal, Arrogant.

The Hippie: Intuitive, Extroverted, Gentle, Humble.

The Televangelist: Intuitive, Extroverted, Gentle, Arrogant.

The Schoolyard Bully: Intuitive, Extroverted, Brutal, Humble.

The Class Clown: Intuitive, Extroverted, Brutal, Arrogant.

The Robot: Rational, Introverted, Gentle, Humble.

The Haughty Intellectual: Rational, Introverted, Gentle, Arrogant.

The Spiteful Loner: Rational, Introverted, Brutal, Humble.

The Sociopath: Rational, Introverted, Brutal, Arrogant.

The Hand-Raiser: Rational, Extroverted, Gentle, Humble.

The Braggart: Rational, Extroverted, Gentle, Arrogant.

The Capitalist Pig: Rational, Extroverted, Brutal, Humble.

The Smartass: Rational, Extroverted, Brutal, Arrogant.

Link: The Personality Defect Test written by saint_gasoline on Ok Cupid

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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Play with Pinky!

I just had to share


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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Celebrity Love Island

Whatever next ‘Celebrity Divorce Island’! In fact this would no doubt be more interesting to watch.

But what I find amusing is:

1: a widely known person. [syn:
famous person]
2: the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed [syn:
fame, renown]

I certainly didn’t know all the contestants, and I most definitely wouldn’t put them all in the category of being widely known, honored, or acclaimed.

Perhaps we need a new definition for celebrity:

1: An opportunist
2: A former TV/Sports personality
3: A person who shags a famous person (and sells out to the tabloids)
4: A person who used to be famous
5: Offspring of a famous person
6: A posh fit lady model

7: Anyone with an agent who books for reality TV

Have to hand it to Abi though; reports claim she’s being paid £100k to flirt with all the boys.

‘Celebrity’ contestants:

Abi Titmuss
Calum Best
Du'aine Ladejo
Fran Cosgrove
Jayne Middlemiss
Jude Shekoni
Lady Isabella Hervey
Lee Sharpe
Liz McClarnon
Michael Greco
Paul Denan

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Old habits...

I’m such a habitual creature, is it just me? I don’t even like routine, but throughout the course of one day, I can count at least ten things that I do everyday in more or less the same way.

  1. the way I turn my alarm off in the morning
  2. the way I get out of bed on the left side
  3. the way I brush my teeth
  4. the order of body parts washing in the shower (go on try this yourself, I bet you start with the same part each day and work your way down or up)
  5. the way I dry my body after showering
  6. the way I rub moisturiser on to my face/body ( again the order in which I do this)
  7. the way I answer the telephone, what I say, tone of voice
  8. the way I chop/slice vegetables
  9. the way I read the newspaper, which sections I go to first
  10. the way I get in to bed - when I’m alone ;-) (Because of course when I’m not alone I don’t get in to bed!
And this is just the stuff that I do at home; I expect the list could grow to twenty if I included things I do outside the home.

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Friday, May 13, 2005

Times 10

Have you ever had one of those days? Yeah, you have, so you know what I’m talking about.

Well times that by 10 and I’ve had one of those weeks, it’s been long and hard… not in a way that I appreciate!

Anyway the weekend is here and I expect to come back feeling refreshed on Monday, have a great weekend all.

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Monday, May 09, 2005

Paris Hilton kills a racist

click here to view movie clip

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consumption, paris hilton video and paris hilton nude and paris hilton naked in
this video we see her naked and rude she manages to look fit even when she's
watching a man die in this viral video of paris hilton video.

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Friday, May 06, 2005

A guy thing

Now I don’t tend to do a lot of these quizzes, but this one caught my eye.

Your Brain is
46.67% Female
53.33% Male
Your brain is a healthy mix of male and female. You are both sensitive and savvy,rational and reasonable, you tend to keep level headed. But you also tend to wear your heart on your sleeve

The gender of my brain is more male than female by a slim margin of 6%, I go with this.

It’s funny but a lot of my male friends have also commented on the maleness of my mind, in certain areas I just don’t think like a woman. Boyfriends have said they like the way my mind is feminine and sexy, yet ballsy at the same time.

I’ve even been complimented on how well I give directions, it’s true, no guy has ever gotten lost with my directions, I once mapped out a route with a few stop-offs from London to Milan, Italy, not a wrong turning, not one stupid argument.

There’s one area in particular where I know my mind is more male, or rather displays more of a male attitude, and this is sex.

Now I’m as romantic as can be with the right person, but I don’t need romance to have great sex. I’m as loving as can be with the right person, but I don’t need love to have great sex.

What I do need is to feel a strong physical and mental connection with a guy, the physical being of course a mutual attraction, and the mental connection because after all, the brain is the sexiest organ of the body.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that I don’t need love and romance, and to feel an emotional – spiritual connection with a guy, it’s just that I see these as a natural progression of an intimate relationship if I’m with the right guy.

What I’m saying is, as long as the attraction and mental connection is there, I find it very easy to let go and open up to a guy on a sexual level (no pun intended), without needing to be all emotional.

Another male attitude I have is I don’t tend to question where the relationship is going, I just let it naturally progress.

I know there are other areas too but I can’t quite put my finger on them, all I know is that boyfriends have said that I’m a bit of an enigma and I’m unpredictable, because I don’t react in a typical female way to certain situations.

And to cap it off what’s really interesting is I’m attracted to a certain type of guy and my experience to date has indicated that the type of guy I’m attracted to is attracted to my 53% male mind, and of course my 47% female mind, so I’m not changing a thing.

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Sex blog

I have to smile to myself. Looking at my Google referrals anyone would think my blog was entirely sex oriented:

"orgasmic girls"

"Kieran O'Brien" penis size

"Victoria Beckham" 32c

cock ejaculate electrode placement

bras mit professor nipples press

The Herbaliser Sensual Women Lyrics

Well I guess I’ve been meaning to start a second blog which would be sex oriented, perhaps this is a sign.

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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

One smart pussy

It is not civilisation's biggest problem but, thanks to the ingenuity of a Sydney woman, a solution is in the can.Here kitty kitty

In January, Jo Lapidge bought her children, Ben and Sophie, a Burmese kitten. "We only had Doogal a week before I was regretting getting him," Mrs Lapidge said yesterday, recalling the smell of his litter tray and the work keeping it clean.

Then she saw the movie Meet the Fockers, featuring a cat trained to use its owner's toilet. "I thought, 'Right, I'm going to train my cat to use the toilet'."

There were plenty of potty training devices for children, but Mrs Lapidge could not find anything similar for cats. So, after two months of tinkering on 15 prototypes, she developed her first invention, Litter-Kwitter, a system of colour-coded rings.

The first step is to replace the litter tray with a red disc. Once the cat is doing its business in the middle, the disc is mounted on the toilet bowl.

When leaping onto the red disc has been mastered, it is replaced with an amber ring that has a small hole, getting kitty used to balancing over the water.

As progress is made, a green ring with a bigger hole is introduced. Finally, the rings are removed, leaving the cat to balance on the normal toilet seat.

There was little risk of drowning, Mrs Lapidge said: "Cats are very nimble."

She believed kittens could be trained in eight weeks. "Training Doogal was a lot easier than my son," she said.

Mrs Lapidge, who is seeking a manufacturer, is confident she has a commercial success, expecting her invention to sell for $80 to $140, compared with the $4000 needed for a litter tray over the course of a cat's life.

She has won a place in Fresh Innovators, a national campaign highlighting new inventors, but confesses Doogal can't flush.

Now if only we could get men to do the same thing…


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