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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Travelling light!

I deserve a gold star.

I relinquished my Saturday morning lie in to take a friend to the airport, but this is not all.

My friend hasn’t flown a distance for some years, and as we loaded up my car with two suitcases, a suit carrier, and a carry-on, I said nothing but I had my concerns.

He’s off to Dubai to try out a business venture so he needed to pack suits as well a leisure wear. Unfortunately he’d left it until the last minute to pack, got stressed about what to take, and obviously decided to take everything.

We made good time and arrived early.

Of course on checking in my friend was told that he had excess baggage; the allowance was 27 Kilos and he had 37 Kilos - did he not check his ticket? He was told the excess would cost £20 per Kilo.

Now you have to understand my friend was already quite stressed about the whole trip; never been to Dubai, trying something new etc. This news just didn’t help.

He was told that he could send one of the suitcases separately as cargo and this would take 10 days. This just caused him more stress.

I decided that the best option was to re-pack and I’d take one suitcase back with me. On suggesting this I noticed a few beads of perspiration form on his brow, so I piped up “Come on, lets find some seats open everything up and I’ll help you re-pack.”

So off we trundled to a quiet area and set about the task at hand.

I have to say I was ruthless; well he’d clearly packed way too much in the first place for one month away.

At some point I just cracked up due to my inherent ability to see the funny side of everything, but also because, and I’m not one to exaggerate, I counted thirty-two t-shirts, ten suits, thirty pairs of socks, thirty shirts, twelve trousers, I lost count with the underwear, and then stopped counting.

His idea was that he wouldn’t have to wash anything while he was away. But he took it in good spirit when I pointed out that Dubai is in a developed part of the world and will have such things as dry cleaners and launderettes.

I was so ruthless that he ended up having 7 Kilos to spare, so I cheekily told him that he could bring me something back weighing 7 Kilos.

posted by Opus at 15:47

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