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Monday, April 04, 2005

School of Romance

Extract from Devil in a Kilt, by Sue-Ellen WelfonderTrue romance

Flickering light from the campfire played upon finely honed muscles that rippled with each move he made as he bent to aid his squire in removing the rest of his garb. Not even Ranald’s fearsome build matched Duncan MacKenzie’s.

Her heart sprang back to life, leaping to her throat as he rolled a pair of thin woollen braies down his muscular legs. Faith, even his buttocks appeared fierce and proud! Linnet wet her lips and gulped, hoping to ease the sudden dryness in her mouth.

She’d seen every one of her eight brothers and a goodly number of her cousins unclothed. But nary a one had looked as intimidating as the giant who stood across the fire from her.
Spicy, racy, romantic fiction depicting wild, powerful, herculean heroes and passionate, insatiable heroines is big in America accounting for $1.4 billion in the romance market, and apparently Scottish historical romances are the most popular.

I think most women love a good romance story, romantic fiction is filled with fantasy, melodrama, charm, glamour, risk, mystery, nostalgia, adventure, and fairy-tale love.

But what of romance in the real world, I have had conversations in the past with a few of my male buddies on the subject of romance, and it seemed to me that the female/male perception of romance is very different.

Guys seem to think that the kind of romance women want is not doable unless the guy has lots of money, i.e. whisking us off for a weekend to Florence and staying in a 5 star hotel. Well yes obviously this sort of romance needs money, and if you just happen to be courting Paris Hilton, then hey.

However most women are just as happy with small romantic gestures on a regular basis; flowers, perfume, or just some silly little personal item that says ‘Hey, I was thinking of you today.’ This sort of romance is preferable to none at all.

Then again many guys are just not good at doing romance; they feel inadequate in this area, they simply don’t get what romance is. I’ve often thought that a ‘School of Romance’ would be a good idea.

Oh no, I feel a reality TV idea coming on… with ‘School of Romance’ as the title. Take 10 of the most unromantic guys and… well you can guess the rest.

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