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Friday, April 15, 2005

Male Intuition

According to a study men are as intuitive as women, if not more. The article states:

Men seemed to be better than women at detecting fake smiles in the opposite sex. Men correctly detected 76 percent of fake female smiles whereas women detected just 67 percent of men's fake smiles.

Of course it could also be viewed that men are simply better at being insincere.

But riddle me this. If men are as intuitive as women then why can they never intuit the following:

1 When a woman wants to have sex
2 When a woman doesn’t want to have sex
3 When a woman is pre-menstrual
4 When a woman is feeling unloved
5 When a woman doesn’t want to hear about his crap day a work
6 When a woman wants to tell him about her crap day at work
7 When a woman needs cheering up
8 When a woman just wants cuddles
9 When a woman is feeling playful
10 When a woman wants to be alone

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not a man basher, I’ve just never come across an intuitive one. But hey, I can always be optimistic.

posted by Opus at 14:56

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