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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Lip Service!

Late one evening last week I turned on the TV and saw a ‘designer vagina’ live operation being performed (well it was L.A.) by genital guru Dr. Matlock

Lori’s vagina had been *damaged by childbirth, (* in other words the vaginal wall muscles weren’t as tight as they used to be), and Lori and her husband hoped that the surgery would give her back her pre-birth vagina and improve her orgasm ability. She also opted for some flesh removal to give her vagina that
Penthouse look.

I was stunned. Women have been giving birth since the year dot, and trust me this is a very long time. After child-birth although it only takes 6 weeks for the uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy size, it can take anything from 4 to 12 months for the vagina to regain its former size and over-all shape, everywoman is different.

However women can help this process along by doing
vaginal exercises, yes this takes longer than 3 hour surgery, but there are no risks involved, the exercises can be done anytime, and it is these exercises that will improve both orgasm ability and orgasm intensity, not surgery.

Unfortunately I think women have the designer vagina op more for their husbands, partners, or careers than they do for themselves. The surgery does make the vagina tighter and so this does of course feel good for the guy, but for the woman it’s the exercising that makes the difference.

As for the removal of fleshy bits this is purely aesthetic and intended for the eye of the beholder, oh what beauty!

Another point to mention is that after several years of marriage and a few babies, foreplay goes out the window. However foreplay is vital; through foreplay the vaginal walls become engorged with blood and the texture and sensitivity of the
G-Spot changes.

This female sexual response to foreplay actually makes the vagina feel tighter, firmer for the guy, and very sensitive for the woman. Again everywoman is different, some need 10 minutes some need 20, maybe more, while others need just 5!

Having said all this I can appreciate that many women need some sort of medical procedure or surgery in cases of incontinence, or a prolapsed uterus and/or bladder, but not a designer vagina.

Sadly many more women will choose the quick fix solution and merely end up with tighter vaginas not a better sex life for themselves.


Kegel Pro / Pelvic Toner / Ben Wa Balls / Smart Balls

P.S. I wear my
Smart Balls while at the gym, takes my workout to a whole new level!

P.P.S. You don’t need to have given birth to do these exercises.

posted by Opus at 12:35

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