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Friday, April 22, 2005

Double trouble

Do you ever have those moments when your mouth just works way too fast for your brain?Mmmmmmmm

You see I was at the gym last night and I forgot to take my mp3 player with me, I ALWAYS take my player with me because I NEED music to keep me going otherwise I start to lose my concentration, and start wondering around with this vacant look on my face.

Anyway I forgot my player, damn!

So there I was on the rowing machine and wasn’t really putting a lot of effort in to it because I didn’t have my tunes see. Then out of the blue this guy on the rower next to me leant over and said:

“Has anyone ever told you that you look like
Halle Berry, I swear you could be her double?”

Now I’m not concentrating and I certainly wasn’t expecting that, so what do you think I said in response? Nope you won’t guess.

I smiled and said:

“Thanks, but I don’t really see it myself, I think it’s just that we have the same colouring and hairstyle, buy hey I wouldn’t mind shagging her ex.”

Yep! No brain to mouth involved there.

I continued the mumble something about how good looking Eric Benet is, then thanked him for the compliment again, and practically ran off to find a cross-trainer.

Now the fact is that I do think Eric Benet is gorgeous, sexy, mouth watering, but did I have to share this with this guy right there and then.

My problem is that all too often I don’t really respond differently to a guy than I would to a girl. If a girl had been rowing next to me and leant over and said the same thing I would have responded the same way. It’s just my humour; I wasn’t attracted to the guy.

Monty’s post yesterday got me thinking about flirting, because you see I don’t view what I do as flirting, I just see it as me being me, open and direct, and my sense of humour is of the naughty kind, I just can’t help it.

It gets me in to trouble though.

P.S. Mind you I wouldn’t mind dressing up as cat woman

posted by Opus at 10:39

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