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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Pimpin' it!

I found a very suitable treatment for yesterdays post over at LilRed

I have to say Michael’s views towards women as wives leaves a lot to be desired, so my only option was to pimp up his article, made me feel much better. Here’s an excerpt:

There is many good reasons fo` putt'n yo wife out of business n shit. One is you want someone ta pay careful attention ta yo children, n you don't feel like doing it yoself. Anotha is tha shot calla amount of time it frees up fo` her ta pay attention ta you . Slap your mutha fuckin self. But tha best reason is tha pleasure you wizzy receive from pimpin' ta tha outside world tizzle you can do it .

Can you think of anyone who deserves
da treatment?

Go ahead give it a spin @

posted by Opus at 14:15

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