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Friday, March 04, 2005

I’m a Sex Goddess, apparently

Are You a Sex Goddess?
Opus, your result is Persephone!

A brilliant bolt of lightning descends! SHAZAAM! The oracle has spoken! The smoke clears to reveal that inside you is a divine being, Persephone, Goddess of the Night, a woman in touch with her deepest inner desires.

As the most sexual of all the female deities, you are very comfortable in the bedroom. Your skill at pleasing a man is unmatched, and you know exactly what you need for your own pleasure.

As a woman of passion, you're very comfortable with expressing your desires to anyone. You are a proud and confident woman who exudes sensuality. You cherish the intimacy of physical attraction and know what it takes to win a man.

As a woman deeply in touch with your sexuality, you definitely know how to thoroughly enjoy yourself! Your polished bedroom performance always keeps them coming back for more.

When everything is going right, a light shines down from the heavens. Behold, the skies proclaim, here lies a goddess!

Well tickle my fancy

And while I was there:

Who's Your Type?
Opus, yours is the Clown type!

Laughter is the way to your heart. A man with a fab sense of humour is definitely the one for you! You want a Clown, someone who can laugh at himself and make you laugh, too.

There's nothing more tedious than a man who takes himself too seriously. You know that if a chap is silly, he's generally self-confident and secure.

Your man is a people magnet and everyone's favourite friend. There's never a dull moment with your clown nearby. You crave excitement and a bit of a laugh, and your clown enhances those things in your life.

You probably think life is too short to spend it without a smile. Your witty lad will ensure that that doesn't happen - his light hearted and silly ways make everything a little bit brighter.

Well laughter is the best medicine.

And of course as its Friday a little teaser for you The Mind Reader

posted by Opus at 11:15

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