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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Well I have to say after watching Channel 4s Bodyshock my opinion regarding Orgasmatron is unchanged. In fact this is not quite accurate; my opinion is now much stronger against the use of such a quick fix device.

In the program 3 women took part in a week long trial, I will focus on J. J has never experienced an orgasm during sex with a partner; J didn’t even know about orgasms until she read an article in Cosmopolitan when she was 41. She is sometimes able to climax by masturbating in a kneeling position.

During the trial J went through the procedure of having the electrodes implanted in her spine, Dr Meloy then applied varying currents and asked for Js feedback. Although J did experience some tingling sensations, nothing hit the spot.

After the operation J and the other two women were given some quality time with their partners in a hotel to experiment with the Orgasmatron. Toward the end of the week J became more frustrated with herself and while her partner was supportive he felt helpless.

Now I’m no psychiatrist but I do have a good understanding of psychology and body language. I really felt for J, I could see the hurt, anger, frustration, and vulnerability in her eyes. I could also see the tension, lots of tension.

The female sexual response is very complex and as J has never experienced an orgasm during sex with a partner, she does not know what to expect, she is not familiar with her sexual response, and she needs to learn this, through guided therapy, not through a device.

I sensed that J for whatever reason never grew up sexually in an emotional/psychological sense; to me she came across as still very much a child on a sexual level, and very uncomfortable with responding sexually.

Although I appreciate taking part in the trial would have been Js decision, inwardly I was outraged. How could the Orgasmatron device even begin to help J heal her sexual self.

Would you go for the operation?

posted by Opus at 09:50

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