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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Rules of attraction

I was socialising with a group of thirtysomething year old girlfriends the other evening and as does happen often the topic of conversation got round to men, or rather what really attracts us to a guy.

After we got over snickering about the obvious lewd reasons we got down to some serious thinking and found that for each of us the rules of attraction was very similar.

Purely on a visual basis nice eyes, hair, mouth, teeth, and hands came up as being important but we agreed that the guy need not be typically handsome, it was more important that the individual features of the face look good together.

Interestingly enough most of us (bar one) said we preferred dark hair and dark eyes, something do to with looking more intense, and on a sub-conscious level I wonder whether its connected with looking more Mediterranean.

Height seemed to be a subjective issue; we just preferred guys who were either the same height or taller than ourselves but over 6 foot 5 inches was getting a bit too tall… something to do with certain sexual positions, you see we do think hard on these matters.

No surprise in finding out that we all saw fit guys as more attractive, but we girls prefer lean and toned as opposed to chunky muscles, you see rippling muscles with a six pack not required just lean and toned in all the right places.

Personality wise we decided to go for the top five otherwise the list could have been quite extensive. Sense of humour was top of the must haves for attraction; we just love to be made to laugh. Being loving was second, affectionate third, sociable fourth and intelligent fifth.

Status, this again was interesting because we all agreed that yes if a guy has a good job and makes good money it is attractive but status in the form of a highly paid career is not an absolute must for attraction. A guy who is solvent, enjoys his job, knows how to apply himself, and is not highly stressed is most definitely attractive.

Oh yeah! Last but not least, unmarried, unattached, and completely available is quite attractive too!

posted by Opus at 16:23

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