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Friday, January 14, 2005

Read my lips!

Following on from yesterdays post Are you sexually cliterate? I wonder just how many women feel comfortable with giving a man guidance in the art of the oral caress. I doubt very much we’re all as verbal as the character Samantha in ‘Sex and The City’, giving a lick by lick commentary, I think that would be a bit off putting, still I would imagine that many guys would welcome some input.

I mean how do we learn to be good at oral sex, mostly through trial and error, practise, and listening out for the right noises, but even then we may only know the basics, and not try different techniques.

If a woman is sexually aware of her body she will probably enjoy trying several different masturbation techniques while alone, taking her time to explore and play around with her sexual reponse, but she may not feel able to articulate these techniques to her lover.

On reading Ian Kerner’s book ‘She Comes First’, in particlar the second and third chapter, Rules of Usage and Putting it All Together respectively, I wondered whether Kerner hadn’t secretly spied on a woman pleasuring herself, for it seems to me that what he has managed to do is put in to words every womans clitoral desires.

posted by Opus at 22:30

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