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Untamed Symphony
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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Need to know

I’m a passionate observer and participant of human interaction, how we relate. I love conversation and debate as well as quick wit and repartee. I love reading articles, books, and seeing films relevant to my interests, and listening to my mind as I hear an opinion taking shape, this happens a lot :-D

My mind is constantly in motion, leaping from lily pad to lily pad in search of its sustenance; knowledge food – I like my food to be interesting and unusual, replenishing me daily with vital nutrients.

I also enjoy snacking on light, frivolous, naughty food. So don’t be surprised to see my posts jump from serious to silly, from deep to light, I need variety and my mind is diverse.

My blog is a place where I get to taste my food in a more permanent way; I can come back and take nourishment again and again. I freely share my food with you; I hope you are tempted to revisit and dine with me again.

posted by Opus at 21:22

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