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Monday, January 24, 2005


The KISS principle - "Keep it Simple, Stupid" is a popular maxim often invoked when discussing design. Humans want products; software, furniture, cars, etc to be easy to use.

One reading this article it would seem that this principle also applies to what men look for in a potential wife:

“In spite of emancipation, the feminist movement, gender equality, staunch efforts to avoid gender-stereotyping, men still prefer to marry women who are not too brainy.”

A study by four British universities indicates that if a woman has a high IQ she is less attractive as marriage material, “with a 40 per cent drop in marital prospects for every 16-point rise.”

I have to say a smile came across my face as I was reading this article, as Margaret Cook the writer of the article pointed out, it is funny how it’s automatically assumed that men don’t want to marry brainy women, as opposed to brainy women not wanting to marry. My preference would be to go with the latter as I can think of quite a few famous marriages where joint intellect brought about great achievements.

Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne, Pierre and Marie Curie, Anne Morrow and Charles A. Lindbergh, DeWitt and Lila Acheson Wallace, Martin and Osa Johnson, Sir Winston and Lady Churchill, and I think most of these were early 20th century marriages, so surely late 20th century and 21st century marriages will have advanced.

In addition and in general most of a child’s pre-school education will be down to the mother, so why would any intelligent guy want to marry a not too brainy woman, a child’s early years; the informative years are so important.

Furthermore any intelligent guy is going to want to enjoy intelligent conversation with his wife, as well as lively banter, and quick wit and repartee.

No I’m sticking with the brainy women not wanting to marry, or perhaps to view it another way, brainy women will only choose to be in a relationship of equals.

posted by Opus at 23:14

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