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Sunday, January 09, 2005

50 Things

1 I’m the youngest of three
2 I have one brother and one sister
3 I share the same birthday and year as
4 I’m 5’ 10”
5 I’m mixed race
6 My inside leg measurement is 34 inches
7 I’m often told I have beautiful eyes
8 As a young child I did ballet
9 I love being creative
10 I have a passion for music
11 I’m optimistic
12 I have one tattoo
13 My navel is pierced
14 I don’t eat red meat
15 I love writing
16 I’ve studied astrology
17 My ascendant is Leo
18 I don’t work in astrology
19 I enjoy good porn
20 I don’t look my age
21 I don’t feel my age
22 I don’t act my age
23 I’m very sociable, and charming – so I’m told
24 I lived in Manhattan, NY for 3 years
25 I lived in Paris, France for 3 years
26 I’ve travelled by rickshaw in Karachi, Pakistan
27 When absolutely necessary, I can pee standing up
28 I’d like to learn how to ride a motorcycle
29 Then I’d love one of
30 I’m feminine but not girly
31 I’m fiery but not volatile
32 I have very sensitive nipples – in a good way
33 It’s official, I’m a good kisser
34 At the age of sixteen I was strip searched
35 I don’t suffer from PMS
36 I get horny instead, or rather hornier (see above)
37 My dad comes from
38 I appeared on TV when I was nineteen
39 I’m an innuendo guru
40 I love to have a
screaming orgasm
41 My favourite Island to date is St. Barts
42 I stayed here, it was bliss (see above)
43 I can hold my breath under water for 180 seconds
44 I’ve seen 3 spirits
45 I have no fillings, none, niente
46 My favourite flower is the
Oriental Lilly
47 I’ve stood next to a naked Naomi Campbell
48 In fact she’s pinched my arse
49 I make a yummy Thai green salmon curry
50 I’m a lush for big reds… wine that is

posted by Opus at 21:45

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